Fircrest Exposed Aggregate Concrete


Get in touch with Cook's Concrete Construction if you are planning on installation of an exposed aggregate concrete surface on your Fircrest, WA property. We are a leading concrete contractor with wide-ranging capabilities.

Our services are available for any type of residential or commercial project involving making of surfaces with aggregate concrete finishes. Fircrest exposed aggregate concrete is a decorative style of surface.

The uniqueness of exposed aggregate concrete Fircrest comes from the presence of sand and pebbles or stones that are brought out to shine by sanding or stripping the surface.

We have been in business since 1945 and have extensive experience in installing Fircrest exposed aggregate concrete surfaces. Contact us if you want your property to have surfaces with a spectacular look with the following:

  • Exposed aggregate paving
  • Pebbled concrete finish
  • Exposed aggregate concreting
  • Pebble finish concrete

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Fircrest Aggregate Concrete Finishes


We offer several options in aggregate concrete finishes Fircrest to cater to diverse personal preferences and project design requirements. One big reason for the popularity of exposed aggregate concrete work is that it is highly customizable.

Our technicians can add various materials and different patterns to create unique Fircrest aggregate concrete finishes. A wide range of colors and textures are also possible to give a distinctive look to the aggregate concrete finishes Fircrest. Depending on customer specifications, we can create Fircrest aggregate concrete finishes in bold or subtle effect.

We can install all types of surfaces with these beautiful finishes. You can hire us for making the following:

  • Exposed aggregate concrete driveway
  • Aggregate concrete patio
  • Exposed aggregate path
  • Aggregate concrete steps
  • Exposed aggregate sidewalk

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Fircrest Exposed Aggregate Driveway


Have you long been admiring the exposed aggregate driveway Fircrest of your neighbor? Do you want a similarly stunning, decorative exposed aggregate driveway on your own property? Let us do it for you!

Call us if you are ready to uplift the curb appeal of your property with a Fircrest exposed aggregate driveway. The best thing about investing in an exposed aggregate driveway Fircrest is that it combines great aesthetics with excellent strength and durability.

We assure you of a Fircrest exposed aggregate driveway that looks and performs wonderfully for a long time. Hire us to install:

  • Polished concrete aggregate driveway
  • Aggregate concrete driveway
  • Exposed concrete driveway
  • Pebbled concrete driveway

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