Fircrest Concrete Slab


If you have purchased a property and are evaluating the advantages of a concrete slab versus a conventional concrete foundation for your new building in Fircrest, we can conduct an on-site assessment and assist in your decision based on the merits of each foundation type.

These are a few points to consider with a slab foundation installation:

  • Importance of a properly-engineered grading plan to divert surface water from site
  • Slab foundation should be supported on engineered fills or undisturbed natural soil
  • Used primarily where ground does not freeze but can be adapted with insulation

A traditional concrete foundation method is normally recommended to support a building structure in areas where the ground freezes.

We recommend a site assessment so that the many construction variables and elements that go into producing a high-quality foundation can be considered to ensure long-term performance as intended. 

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Fircrest Concrete Foundation


With our engineering skills and design solutions for concrete construction projects we consider all of the factors before laying a foundation, such as the type of foundation suitable for the proposed building, soil structure and foundation footings.

These are a few reasons why we are chosen for concrete slab foundation or concrete foundation installations by Fircrest residents and business property owners:

  • Ability to calculate stress loads
  • Building site assessment to determine best foundation type
  • Evaluation of soil structure
  • Comprehensive cost estimates for proposed work project
  • Competitive pricing
  • Licensed, bonded and insured team of skilled concrete contractors
  • Reliability of compliance with city and county building codes and regulations
  • Extensive range of equipment for large and small concrete projects

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Fircrest Slab Foundation


We have engineering and construction skills to install a concrete slab foundation or conventional concrete foundation designed to ensure the structural integrity of the building components.

Factors such as soil engineering and site preparation are integral elements that we take into account before installing a concrete slab or concrete foundation.

These are a few advantages of a poured slab installation:

  • Significantly lower cost than a full basement or crawl space under a building
  • Sturdy
  • More stable floors
  • Simple and fast building construction process
  • Excavation, forming and labor costs can be held to a minimum

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