Fircrest Concrete Patio


We have concrete patio construction plans that can seamlessly blend your indoor and outdoor living spaces, and add concrete flat work finishing services to create a uniquely desired texture.

As one of the leading concrete construction companies we can also add functional concrete steps complemented by a variety of finishes or textures. 

To enhance the curb appeal of your home we can achieve a dramatic grand entrance effect by combining a decorative walkway with concrete stairs and landings with coordinated patterns, finishes and colors.  The methods used for coloring concrete flat work such as walkways and concrete entryways are also suitable for concrete stairs.

These are reasons why Fircrest residents choose concrete steps and stairs, entryways, walkways and patio installations:

  • Low maintenance
  • Endless decorative options
  • No warping or rotting
  • Affordability
  • Flexibility to match or complement architectural design and color of your home

Call for concrete construction design ideas to create functional additions to your home and landscape using color, shape, pattern and texture to enhance and accent the concrete.

Fircrest Concrete Steps


Our team knows how to work within small or large budgets and scope to give you the creative appeal for welcoming visitors to your commercial or residential property. 

We offer design ideas and installations of concrete steps that can be as functional and classy as you require, as well as concrete stairs, flaring concrete sidewalks, grand entryways and concrete patio options to expand indoor to outdoor living spaces.

These are a few reasons to consider us for flat work services using decorative concrete for your Fircrest commercial or residential property:

  • Our concrete patio installations blend in seamlessly with interior décor
  • Use of color, shape, texture and pattern to create classic concrete stairs and steps
  • Concrete installations of grand entryways to create a dynamic visual effect
  • Affordable decorative concrete walkways with transitional steps to another level

Call to learn how to achieve a dramatic effect by combining these concrete installations. 

Fircrest Concrete Stairs


Our general concrete flat work services involve so much more than the basics of pouring and finishing. 

With our decades of experience we what is important in producing a high-quality, durable finished product such as evaluating the sub-grade, utilizing proper base materials and concrete mix, installing steel reinforcement and proper flat work finishing surfaces specific to each project.

These are a few examples of our concrete flat work services in Fircrest:

  • A concrete patio construction that makes maintenance a breeze
  • Driveways and walkways
  • Concrete steps and concrete stairs
  • Garage floors
  • Sports courts

Call Cook’s Concrete Construction for concrete patio construction ideas that include concrete steps or entryway terraced stairways that elevate stairs to a dramatic focal point.

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