Gig Harbor Stamped Concrete


When you are building a house, most of the time, you may have to choose between utility and appearances.

Everybody wants the best look for their house, but some of the better looking construction materials are quite expensive and will increase the budget of construction significantly.

This can leave you with a hard choice to make.

However, now the residents of Gig Harbor do not have to worry about making such choices.

We, at Cooks Concrete Construction introduce to you the wonders of stamped concrete as a decorative construction material which is both inexpensive and sturdy.

When one usually thinks of concrete the first thought that comes to mind is a grey, boring looking material that does not do much to brighten up the place.

However, stamped concrete is a popular decorative construction material used to add character to any structure.

The reason why it is becoming more popular in the Gig Harbor area is due to the number of patterns that can be imprinted onto the concrete before setting.

The various decorative patterns and textures can be used to give you the appearance of:

  • Wood
  • Cobblestone
  • Marble
  • Brick
  • Flagstone

A concrete pool deck is also a great way to get around the pool area. This is an aesthetic alternative that goes easy on your pocket too.

Gig Harbor Stained Concrete


The options that stained concrete provide do not stop just at designs and textures, but you can also add a dazzling array of colors that can be used to create wonderful designs.

With this wide array of options, you can ensure that your yard will be as unique as ever.

An experienced contractor can open you up to a wide array of options, with colors that can be added into the concrete.

Sealants are also added to make the maintenance easier, prevent wear and tear and also protect the investment of the homeowner.

Gig Harbor Decorative Concrete


Previously used building materials for decks, patios and sidewalks now can be used with decorative concrete during the application process.

We specialize in the handling of decorative concrete in the Gig Harbor area and have been in the business for over 35 years.