Tacoma Stamped Concrete


Tacoma homeowners trust Cook's Concrete Construction Co. Inc. to provide superior concrete services.

An experienced company in the use of stamped concrete for the past 35 years, we are the ones to call for your home’s needs.

Stamped concrete opens up a wide range of design options that can be used to transform the usual lackluster and dull grey appearance that concrete has and transforms it into a more vibrant and creative construction material.

While affordable, it allows you to replicate more expensive construction material like:

  • Tiles
  • Slate
  • Brick
  • Marble
  • Wood and much more


Stamped Concrete provides you with the look and feel of the above mentioned materials at an affordable price.

This is a good option for home builders in Tacoma who are on a strict budget.

Tacoma Stained Concrete


One of the main reasons why concrete is used in construction is due to its strength and durability.

However, now with decorative concrete coming into use, it is also being used extensively for improving the visual appeal of your home or business.

The numerous options available with decorative concrete make it an ideal investment for your home for appealing driveways, pathways and walkways that can accurately mimic the materials such as wood, cobblestone and others while providing a sturdy option.

Another reason why stamped concrete is increasing in popularity is due to the low maintenance it requires.

Homeowners in Tacoma now can enjoy the style and beauty of a wood, tile or marble finish that is combined with the structural stability, affordability and maintainability that concrete provides.

With a professional contractor you can get a finish that will be hard to distinguish from the real deal.

Tacoma Decorative Concrete


Call us today to arrange for a free estimate and explore a world of colors and beauty offered by stained concrete which is the best way to lighten up a dull yard.

With a wide range of schemes and textures easily available, it will take care of all your needs, both financial and aesthetic.