Tacoma Concrete Patio


We are a forward thinking concrete contractor providing customized concrete flatwork options to our clients.

A large majority of residential homeowners are unaware of the versatility of concrete in applications such as concrete steps, concrete stairs or the addition of a creative concrete patio.

We have the capability of imitating most materials at competitive prices with our custom concrete flatwork, such as:

  • Adding creative texture, color and design
  • Providing a finish as smooth as stone tile with the same patterning
  • Decorative staining or stamping resulting in many different artistic impressions

Among the major benefits of using these decorative concrete techniques for your concrete steps, concrete stairs, driveways or concrete patio are the value added curb appeal and striking character at an affordable cost

Call us for an update of your home in the Tacoma area with design and installation of creative concrete patterns, textures, colors and finishes.

Tacoma Concrete Steps


Transforming traditional grey concrete into a warm, creatively attractive and expensive appearance that showcases the entrance to your commercial or residential property is not only a popular trend among design professionals, but it can also be extremely cost effective.

Rather than settling for purely utilitarian concrete stairs and steps, we can elevate your concrete steps to prominent status at the entryway of your home or commercial building to create a dramatic focal point.

Let us create a grand entrance or breathtaking concrete stairs with:

  • Decorative stamped, colored and weather resistant concrete
  • Concrete overlay and stain
  • Dramatic finishes such as brick, flagstone, wood, tile and slate

Our textured outdoor flatwork includes patterns, textures and a variety of design options with necessary traction on surfaces such as a concrete patio.

Call us for concrete flatwork services in the Tacoma area with a broad range of finishes that duplicate the original while retaining the benefits of a new textured concrete patio, driveway or sidewalks.

Tacoma Concrete Stairs


If you are considering an upgrade for your home or commercial building in the Tacoma area you may want to consider concrete flat work, which is a remarkably affordable means of showcasing your property.

While we have built a strong reputation for installation of new decorative stamped concrete, we can also restore existing structures such as concrete stairs, concrete steps or a textured concrete patio.

The list of design options to create warmth and architectural accent with concrete is endless, such as:

  • Warm and inviting concrete walkway leading to decorative concrete steps
  • Front entry rejuvenation with stamped, colored, or stained concrete overlay
  • Flexibility to complement architecture and color palette of existing building

Call Cook’s Concrete Construction for concrete flat work installation or rejuvenation of an existing concrete patio, sidewalk or driveway to create a grand entrance to your residential or commercial building.

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