Concrete Patio Construction for Gig Harbor Residents

concrete-patio-gig-harbor-waCook's Concrete was started in 1945 and has since then been a family owned business which specializes in concrete patios in Gig Harbor, WA, concrete steps or concrete stairs apart from a dozen other construction services for homes and businesses.

We provide excellent services and help you get the best concrete steps or concrete stairs along with concrete patios. We maintain high levels of quality with our concrete patio services in Gig Harbor, and our decades worth of experience and reputation speaks for us.

Concrete steps or concrete stairs and a concrete patio are not the only services we provide. We also provide several others, including:

  • Street construction
  • Sidewalks
  • Driveways
  • Gutters and catch basins
  • Sewers

Concrete Steps for Gig Harbor Commercial and Residential Property

concrete-steps-gig-harbor-waWhile we are experts in the field of concrete patio, concrete stairs or concrete steps services in Gig Harbor, we work and handle projects irrespective of their size. We provide services to both residential as well as commercial properties in Gig Harbor.

With the popular trend of home customization, a number people are opting for our services, and among the most popular services are concrete patio construction and concrete stairs or concrete steps, and because of the beautification purposes, these are also the most successful additions.

Concrete steps in Gig Harbor provide the house with a compact and neat look, while a concrete patio could be an extra addition to the living room corner or your balconies. Our services are the best in town and our work speaks for itself. Several reasons to try us include:

  • Family owned business with ample experience
  • Flexible services in Gig Harbor
  • Free estimates
  • Best services in the region

Concrete Stairs and Concrete Flat Work Services in Gig Harbor

concrete-stairs-gig-harbor-waApart from a concrete patio, another major service we provide includes concrete stepsm which aim to beautify the residential properties without excessive trouble being caused.

We aim to provide the best concrete stairs in Gig Harbor with a team of highly skilled laborers. We offer the following features to our customers:

  • Highly skilled staff
  • Total customer satisfaction
  • Excavation and demolition services
  • Free visit, analysis and estimates
  • Working hours flexibility

Cook's Concrete serves Gig harbor, WA and beyond with services for concrete flat work, including concrete patio, concrete steps, concrete stairs and sports courts installations! To know more about our services and to book an appointment, call us at 253-777-1901.

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