StabiliGrid Paving Parkland


Do you think it is time your parking lot, walkway or driveway became an environmental asset? If so, then opt for StabiliGrid paving instead of using typical concrete, gravel, mud or asphalt paving.

This is an innovative and permeable soil stabilization ground reinforcement system that lets the water falling on the parking lot go directly into the soil and not pool on or flow down the surface. Having the permeable StabiliGrid paving in your Parkland, WA property in preference to concrete means that the surfaces would:

  • Remain free of potholes and erosion
  • Require virtually no maintenance
  • Last a long time
  • Help in stabilizing soil

Our technicians have vast experience working with grid pavers. You can count on us to get your StabiliGrid paving installation job done professionally with the utmost precision. Get in touch with Cook's Concrete Construction if you are interested in StabiliGrid paving installation for your Parkland property.

Soil Stabilization Parkland


StabiliGrid paving anchors into the soil, staying where it is put. Whether filled with grass, gravel, crushed stone, sand or earth, this soil stabilization system creates a sturdy surface that does not get washed away.

There are many applications for StabiliGrid soil stabilization ground reinforcement in Parkland properties. You can call us for installing the soil stabilization system for all types of surfaces with any kind of traffic, whether it is:

  • Agricultural
  • Vehicular
  • Pedestrian

Besides using it as a superior alternative to concrete paving, StabiliGrid soil stabilization products can also be applied for semi-permanent usage and removed to storage thereafter. Hire us to install the soil stabilization system in your Parkland property for laying down a plastic grid gravel driveway or creating temporary driveway over grass.

Parkland Ground Reinforcement


Using StabiliGrid paving installation bodes well for all; the property owner, the environment, and the entire community. The use of this water-resilient, non-corrosive, durable, high load bearing ground reinforcement system in Parkland properties brings the owners excellent ROI and spares them the expense as well as the hassle of recurring pavement repairs.

They also benefit by not having unsightly muddy patches and slipping and falling hazards on the surfaces made of the StabiliGrid pavers. The reduced environmental impact from the application of StabiliGrid ground reinforcement system happens because it:

  • Stops soil erosion
  • Requires very little stone
  • Prevents pollution of lakes and ponds from surface water run-off
  • Increases or maintains the ground water level

For more information about StabiliGrid paving and ground reinforcement system, Parkland residents can call Cook's Concrete Construction at (253) 777-1901.

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