Concrete Patio Construction for Parkland Residents


Did you know that a unique design can be stenciled onto an outdoor concrete patio along with a contrasting border to create a dramatic look that blends beautifully with the colors and patterns of your home?

Or we can create a realistic stone patio appearance made of stained and scored concrete that replicates the look of natural stone.

Those design ideas along with many more can also be used on concrete steps and walkways, as well as concrete stairs to provide a stunning focal point for your entryway.

These are some of the benefits of concrete flat work for installations such as driveways, walkways, patios and sports courts:

  • Durability and versatility
  • Low maintenance
  • No splintering, rotting, fading or warping
  • Ability to coordinate with other design elements with color and texture

Call us for concrete construction and design ideas in the Parkland area to turn a traditional patio, concrete steps and concrete stairs into an appealing look that complement your architectural design elements.

Concrete Steps for Parkland Commercial and Residential Property


Have you thought about whether your concrete steps and walkways, or concrete stairs are providing a stunning introduction to the entryway of your home or commercial property?

We have generations of experience and expertise in concrete contractor services for commercial and residential properties in the area. So we understand and appreciate the versatility of concrete for outdoor applications such as a creative concrete patio, concrete stairs, steps, walkways, sports courts and driveways.

With our advanced construction and design capabilities we can imitate most materials at competitive prices with our custom flatwork, such as:

  • Stamped or stenciled patterns
  • Concrete staining
  • Dramatic finishes such as faux slate, flagstone, brick, wood or tile
  • Engraving

Let us assist you with ideas for concrete installations in the Parkland area such as stairs, steps, walkways, a textured concrete patio, or a rejuvenation of existing concrete flat work with beautiful colored and patterned concrete overlay.

Concrete Stairs and Concrete Flat Work Services in Parkland


We provide concrete flat work services for residential and commercial properties in the Parkland area that are a remarkable affordable means of showcasing your property.

Concrete flat work is an excellent choice for outdoor installations such as a creative concrete patio, concrete steps and walkways, concrete stairs and pathways because of its versatility and durability.

The following is a short list of reasons to consider concrete steps and stairs:

  • Ability to coordinate their design with your architecture
  • Simultaneous pouring of concrete to match walkway design, texture and color
  • Addition of surface patterns such as faux brick, tile or stone
  • Provision of step liners as a decorative edging to stairs

Call Cook’s Concrete Construction for new installations, such as a textured concrete patio, driveway or walkway, or a renovation overlay project with design, patterns, textures, colors and finishes. 253-777-1901

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