University Place StabiliGrid Paving


There is no denying the fact that concrete paving does not allow the water to seep into the ground. If you are looking for an alternative that provides soil stabilization and ground reinforcement, you should consider using StabiliGrid paving.

Cook’s Concrete Construction, Co. Inc. is a reliable company that offers quality services for StabiliGrid paving in University Place, WA. We offer StabiliGrid paving for the following places:

  • Parking lots
  • Driveways
  • Sidewalks

StabiliGrid sections even make it easy to maintain your grass and ensure ground reinforcement. When used for temporary walkways or driveways it will protect that grass. Our technicians are well equipped, knowledgeable and professional. They will complete any job within the scheduled time frame and within your budget.

University Place Soil Stabilization


Having the help of a professional soil stabilization company will ensure the proper selection and installation of StabiliGrid paving and ground reinforcement. We have been offering services for constructing soil stabilization systems for University Place residents for a long time.

We recommend the use of StabiliGrid paving as the right way to provide soil stabilization and receive the following benefits:

  • Prevention of soil erosion
  • Eco friendly alternative
  • Ground water reinforcement

If you are looking for the right soil stabilization system for your University Place project, look no further than StabiliGrid. StabiliGrid is a soil stabilization system which can be used to replace nearly any concrete or asphalt traffic surface.

The right choice for your project will depend upon factors, such as intended use and traffic frequency and the type of surface. Depending upon these factors we will provide an accurate estimate of the costs.

University Place Ground Reinforcement


The StabiliGrid ground reinforcement system has many benefits. It is the most eco-friendly ground reinforcement systems on the market today. StabiliGrid is the ultimate ground reinforcement system providing sturdy surfaces for any project that requires a ground reinforcement system.

With years of industry experience, we are able to offer professional recommendations for your specific project requirements. We have in-depth knowledge of ground reinforcement systems and techniques that give excellent results.

We work closely with our University Place clients to ensure their ground reinforcement work is carried out correctly, meeting their needs and staying within their budget. We:

  • Are reliable
  • Have an excellent reputation
  • Offer competitive pricing

You can call Cook’s Concrete Construction, Co. Inc. at (253) 777-1901 for any concrete paving or soil reinforcement services in University Place.

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