Lakewood StabiliGrid Paving


Are you looking for an alternative to asphalt or concrete paving? Consider the soil stabilization ground reinforcement system, StabiliGrid paving, offered in the Lakewood, WA area by Cook's Concrete Construction.

StabiliGrid paving is a highly advanced product that can be used to replace harsh concrete surfaces with ones that a green, grassy look. The surfaces that are created over StabiliGrid paving turn out to be much better than the conventional concrete or asphalt surfaces in many aspects.

With our StabiliGrid paving, Lakewood properties can easily get strong surfaces that easily accommodate the use of all types of wheeled devices, including cars, bikes, bicycles, carts and strollers. Best yet, these surfaces don't get saturated with rainwater and don't:

  • Increase the risk of slipping or tripping
  • Look muddy and unattractive
  • Develop cracks and potholes

Call us today to learn more about why it's a good idea to replace concrete pavements with StabiliGrid paving.

Lakewood Soil Stabilization


Unlike concrete or gravel surfaces, StabiliGrid paving allows the water that falls on it to seep into the ground. By doing so, this type of paving prevents erosion and promotes ground reinforcement as well as soil stabilization for a Lakewood property.

We offer the versatile StabiliGrid soil stabilization ground reinforcement system for many different applications. Our technicians can cut it to any desired shape or size to create surfaces like:

  • Driveways or pathways
  • Lawns
  • Parking lots
  • Roadways

Our soil stabilization system is available in several grades and the best one for you can be chosen according to factors like expected traffic frequency, intended usage, etc.

Lakewood Ground Reinforcement


Do not think twice about using our ground reinforcement system for your Lakewood property if you want an eco-friendly and high-performing substitute to concrete.

The permeable StabiliGrid paving has minimal environmental impact as it prevents water waste and soil erosion.

The best thing about investing in our soil stabilization ground reinforcement ecogrid is that it is weatherproof and does not crack like concrete does in extreme temperatures.

Coming to us for this ground reinforcement system in the Lakewood area also assures you of the complete satisfaction that comes from being served by:

  • A highly reputed company, operating since 1945
  • A family-owned and operated, customer-friendly business
  • Fully licensed and bonded contractors
  • Certified and experienced professionals

Get in touch with Cook's Concrete Construction at (253) 777-1901 for more information on how you can benefit from using StabiliGrid soil stabilization system on your Lakewood property.

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