Kent StabiliGrid Paving


If you are searching for an eco-friendly paving option for your driveway replacement needs, look no further than StabiliGrid paving. StabiliGrid paving is a modern alternative to regular concrete paving. StabiliGrid paving is a soil stabilization system that gives excellent concrete replacement results. Other benefits of choosing StabiliGrid paving include:

  • Low environmental impact
  • Easy to install
  • Prevents stormwater runoff

If you are considering StabiliGrid paving in Kent, WA, let us help. Cook's Concrete Construction offers the most professional and dependable StabiliGrid paving services in Kent and its surrounding areas. Serving commercial and residential clients, we are your premier choice for StabiliGrid paving.

Kent Soil Stabilization


A soil stabilization system ensures that the ground beneath your property is right where it should be. As a leading concrete contractor, we offer non-disruptive soil stabilization solutions to clients in Kent. We pride ourselves on providing safe, effective and affordable soil stabilization services.

Our soil stabilization solutions are great for residential and commercial properties facing settlement problems that come with unstable soil conditions. We utilize a state-of-the-art soil stabilization product and system- StabiliGrid. StabiliGrid is an ecogrid soil stabilization system that helps to:

  • Provide strength to weak soil
  • Restore the load-bearing ability of soil
  • Re-level concrete

Allow our team to repair and strengthen the areas where soil problems exist. Our goal is to offer our clients top quality solutions that target soil problems at their source.

Kent Ground Reinforcement


Ground reinforcement will improve the structural capacity of your driveway or other concrete surface. Ground reinforcement is essential if the driveway will be experiencing heavy traffic. Ground reinforcement will not necessarily prevent cracks from occurring, but it will help hold them together if they do form.

We use ecologically and environmentally friendly ground reinforcement techniques for projects in Kent. We are fully licensed and bonded concrete contractors with the experience and knowledge needed to handle all kinds of ground reinforcement projects in Kent.

Using the most advanced systems and processes, we deliver durable, long-lasting ground reinforcement solutions to our clients. Some of the benefits to choosing our ground reinforcement services include our:

  • Team of certified professionals who will work on your property
  • Quality workmanship on every project, big or small
  • Tailored solutions that match your specific needs and budget
  • Priorities focused on customer safety and satisfaction

For more information on the benefits of using StabiliGrid paving for your project in Kent, please call Cook's Concrete Construction at (253) 777-1901