Puyallup Exposed Aggregate Concrete


For constructing exposed aggregate concrete driveways or pathways on your Puyallup, WA residential or commercial properties, place a call to Cook's Concrete Construction. Founded in 1945, we have long been handling all kinds of exposed aggregate concrete construction in and around Puyallup.

We are competent to handle your various construction needs involving exposed aggregate concrete in the Puyallup area. A family-owned and operated company, our team is expert in building exposed aggregate concrete porches, driveways, patios, and parking lots near Puyallup. Reach out to us if you want to get one of the best exposed aggregate concrete constructions.

We can construct the highest quality exposed aggregate concrete driveways or pathways for your property:

  • Aggregate concrete driveway
  • Concrete aggregate pathway
  • Concrete paving
  • Exposed aggregate concrete hardscape

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Puyallup Aggregate Concrete Finishes


Are you looking for one of the best service providers of aggregate concrete finishes in the Puyallup area? If yes, then we are the right choice for you.

Excellent aggregate concrete finishes are a must in Puyallup and nearby areas. Hiring a reliable contractor like us for aggregate concrete finishes in the Puyallup area ensures that your driveway or sidewalk gets its best look. For aggregate concrete finishes for your new construction, get in touch with us. Our team will be happy to serve you!

We are experienced in providing aggregate concrete finishes near Puyallup for all your small or large scale concrete and aggregate jobs:

  • Troweled concrete finish
  • Broom concrete finish
  • Stamped concrete finish
  • Swirl concrete finish
  • Power float concrete

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Puyallup Exposed Aggregate Driveway


If you are planning to get an exposed aggregate driveway constructed on your Puyallup residential or commercial property, then connect with a fully licensed concrete contractor like us. Equipped to handle a large variety of operations including an exposed aggregate driveway in and near Puyallup, we can provide you with trustworthy services.

Our team of certified professionals will construct an exposed aggregate driveway near Puyallup that meets your needs. We build top-quality exposed aggregate driveways for property owners near Puyallup. We can exactly match your aesthetic and financial requirements of exposed aggregate driveway, bringing you the greatest return on your investment.

Contact us for these options:

  • Aggregate driveway
  • Sealing concrete driveway
  • Patio slab
  • Sidewalks construction
  • Creative concrete construction

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