Spanaway Concrete Slab


There are several options for foundations when constructing a building for homes and business properties in Spanaway.

The two main types are a concrete slab foundation consisting of a single layer of concrete usually thicker at the edges to form a footing using reinforcing rods, and poured directly onto a bed of crushed gravel to facilitate drainage.

The second of the two types is a traditional concrete foundation raised off the ground using footings to support the structure.

We are an experienced concrete contractor providing a vast range of services and solutions such as, but not limited to:

  • Concrete foundation and new construction footings
  • Slab foundation and exterior concrete
  • Foundation repair
  • City curb and sidewalk
  • Driveways, ramps and French drains
  • Retaining walls and decks
  • Decorative concrete options
  • Excavating and demolition

We have the engineering skills, equipment and capability to properly build the required foundation system for most any structure, large or small scale, shallow or deep for residential and business properties.  Call us today!

Spanaway Concrete Foundation


From concrete footings to the foundation and wall construction, we have the skills and experience to meet many different requirements of concrete construction for commercial and residential buildings.

Whether your project is large or small we have the expertise and skills to manage commercial, industrial and residential concrete contractor services of all types.

These are a few reasons why we are chosen for Spanaway concrete foundation and concrete slab foundation installations:

  • Fully licensed, bonded and insured
  • State-of-the-art concrete construction solutions and techniques
  • Detailed estimates for proposed work projects
  • Competitive pricing
  • Highly-skilled professional team of tradesmen and concrete contractors
  • Excellent compliance record with county and city building codes and regulations
  • Extensive range of equipment for large and small-scale concrete projects

Call for the leaders in the area that have built a reputation for excellence in building concrete slab foundation or traditional foundation installations, footings and support requirements essential to the integrity of the building designs.

Spanaway Slab Foundation


Depending on the specific end use of the foundation there are options, including a traditional concrete foundation most commonly used in areas where the ground freezes, and a concrete slab that is generally suited to areas where the ground does not freeze, although it can be adapted with insulation to prevent the effects of frost heaves.

A concrete slab foundation has advantages in areas that do not have a propensity for ground freezing versus a traditional concrete foundation for Spanaway buildings:

  • Faster construction
  • Generally less costly to build
  • Stronger floors - more stable than raised foundations
  • Lower labor costs, forms and excavation

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